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An EBC Brakes Racing Apollo Balanced Big Brake kit for these popular hot hatches will be available soon

At EBC Brakes’ Northampton-based R&D centre, the ‘EBC Brakes Racing’ arm of the company is always busy developing new products to add to its acclaimed range of motorsport-derived braking components.

Currently undergoing final testing and soon to be available is an Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kit for the Mk6 (2004-2008) Ford Fiesta ST150.

The owner of one of the development vehicles used to fine-tune this product tells us of his experiences with the big brake kit since it was installed on his vehicle a few months ago. You can read his thoughts on the kit in his own words below.

“I purchased my ST150 in April 2021 as an investment due to how the car industry is moving towards electric power. I have always wanted a low-mileage ST150, so jumped at the opportunity when I could. The car was purchased to be enjoyed for shows and on some track days, as it is only used for pleasure.

“As soon as the EBC BBK [big brake kit] was installed, you could feel the difference. Within two weeks of having the kit I had to use the full stoping power it delivers to stop me making a four-car pileup into five-car pileup. I have never felt a car stop so quick and well in my life until that moment. Not long becoming a dad, the BBK has filled with me so much confidence as I know even on the road it delivers.

“I’ve now bedded in the brakes and the response you get is spot on. I am yet to take it out on track which will happen this year and I look forward to the stopping power it delivers. It definitely ticks all boxes for performance and it’s great that EBC have developed this kit as there is not much in the market for the ST150. So having a big name like EBC puts confidence in the driver as, at the end of the day, brakes are a safety component.

“I test drove a Fiesta ST150 with a Focus ST170 brake setup installed, and where they were better than stock, the EBC BBK out-performed in comparison to both setups. As the car was purchased for shows and track, the kit benefits me in both ways: on track it’s good for performance and stopping power, while at shows as it’s a great conversation starter.

“I look forward to showing the BBK at shows and I look forward to see what it can do on track.”

Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kit

EBC Brakes’ new Balanced Big Brake Kits represent the ultimate upgrade in braking performance, offering significant reductions in stopping distances whether used on road or on track.

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