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Team Venomous were pleased with the results of the new product in their Z06 at Road Atlanta

Team Venomous Racing of Tim Lally Chevrolet is a group of hardcore racers that strive to put the best and highest qualities parts available on their 2008 Corvette Z06.

With the Road Atlanta round of the American Endurance Racing Championship ahead of them – a weekend that would see an eight-hour race being performed on both the Saturday and Sunday – the 600bhp Chevy needed plenty of stopping power to match its grunt.

Historically, the team have been trying to get by with what was readily available as the options were limited. This meant they were throwing spent pads away every weekend and trying to drive around a lack of bite. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for EBC Brakes Racing to offer its all-new SR™-Series sintered brake pads, as these not only have a huge wear life but also plenty of braking torque available – ideal for endurance events.

They were eager to try the new pads as it was another opportunity to improve upon the car while utilising more of those ever-sought-after, high-quality solutions.

Endurance racing is unique as it requires a brake pad that can last hours upon hours of hard braking, but still provide enough stopping power to slow even the fastest race cars. Not only that, but it must provide enough modulation and consistency that to be compatible with multiple drivers. The last thing you want is to be worrying about your brakes over a two-hour stint, as your concentration needs to be on apexes and watching for traffic.

Trial by fire was the path taken by Venomous Racing and they decided to throw SR-21™ pads in the front axle and SR-11™ pads in the rear in for the Road Atlanta weekend. This was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the elevated stopping power, as Road Atlanta only has a couple passing zones – one being Turn 10 that some cars will decelerate by around 100mph in a very short distance.

The pads took no time to bed in and immediately, all four drivers noted the vast improvement in bite and modulation, commenting there was ‘no comparison’ to what they had been previously using. After hours of lapping, the brakes were inspected and showed little to no wear, with a uniform transfer layer deposited on the rotor and an ideal surface finish – ready for hours more of racing.

The team from Tim Lally Chevrolet have chosen to stick with SR™ materials going forward and will continue to receive support from EBC Brakes Racing as they make their way through the field.

Connect with Venomous Racing for more news and information:

SR-11™ Race and Endurance Pads

The latest sintered race material from EBC will launch in spring 2022 and promises to eclipse most of today’s organic, semi-metallic, and carbon-based racing brake pads.

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SR-21™ Race and Endurance Pads

A variation of SR-11™ that offers ultra-high friction and is targeted for the front and rear of race cars with bias controls only. SR bites harder and lasts longer.

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