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The Lower brothers use RP-X™ and Bluestuff pads on their Caterham 270R race car

Brothers Charlie and Zach Lower both compete across the UK in their Caterham race cars each year.

Their machines are equipped with EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-X™ track/motorsport brake pads up front, and EBC Brakes’ Bluestuff pads at the rear.

Fresh from Charlie finishing second in the 2023 Caterham 270R Championship, the brothers boarded a plane over to Bushy Park Circuit in Barbados, to enter a guest endurance race in a much different climate to what they’re used to.

With many new challenges thrown at them in this demanding environment, the brothers excelled to bring home some impressive results.

You can read how they got on in their own words below.

“The Lower brothers, Charlie and Zach, embarked on an unforgettable race weekend at Bushy Park in Barbados, navigating through a series of highs and lows in Charlie’s Caterham 270R race car.

“The weekend kicked off with a surprising revelation as the team laid eyes on the car for the first time during Friday morning testing. The toll of a three-week shipping ordeal was evident, leaving the vehicle worse for wear. After some fixing and making of a seat so Charlie could fit, Zach took to the track first, bedding in new EBC brake pads and becoming familiar with the new track, whilst Charlie went after to fine-tune the set up.  

“Unfortunately, a malfunctioning VBOX data timer limited their ability to analyse footage, placing them at a slight disadvantage.”

“In Saturday’s qualifying sessions, Charlie showcased his experience by securing pole position, while Zach, in his debut 270R qualifying, impressively grabbed P4. The brothers swapped qualifying times, placing Zach in P1 for the first sprint race. In a remarkable performance, Zach held his own, clinching his first-ever P1 finish.

“However, the second sprint race saw misfortune for Charlie, forced into the gravel after another car’s spin, which resulted in a broken nose cone and a DNF.

“The highly anticipated one-hour night endurance race brought the Lower brothers into uncharted territory. Charlie started in P3, swiftly catapulting to P1 with an impressive lead. A speedy pit stop of 4:02 allowed Zach to take over, maintaining competitive times but ultimately securing a remarkable P2 finish in their first endurance race.”

“Sunday mirrored Saturday’s success and challenges. Zach started the first sprint race in P1 but encountered difficulties when touching the curb, unfortunately unsettling his car causing him to touch the gravel and tap the wall, ending in a DNF due to rear-end damage. Undeterred, the team worked tirelessly to repair the car for the final endurance race. Despite their efforts, the car handled poorly, resulting in a hard-fought P6 finish.

“Overall, the weekend proved to be a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences for the Lower brothers. From achieving podium finishes to overcoming setbacks, they made a great duo and work hard for their achievements.”

“This is an experience I will never forget. Can’t thank EBC enough for their helping hand on this race weekend. The pads performed flawlessly in the endurance race even in the 30-degree heat” – Charlie Lower

‘“With so many new variables to consider in this weekend – new track, extreme heats and longer races – it was comforting to have a familiar brake pedal beneath my feet! The EBC RP-X™ pads proved incredibly consistent despite the changing conditions, particularly in the endurance race as the car had to perform a solid hour stint which we’d never tested before. Teaming up with Charlie for the first time was also a great experience, managed to grab some tips on how to extract the most of his 270R before jumping into mine in next season!” – Zach Lower

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