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Jensen Powers and Milo Manderson competed in the Junior Max class at Glan-y-Gors in Wales

Jensen Powers and Milo Manderson are both competing in the various kart championships throughout 2023, with their first outing in the Super One series taking them to North Wales’ Glan-y-Gors circuit in April.

Both drivers continue to entrust EBC Brakes pads in their karts, with varying weather conditions leading to some challenging drives across the weekend, as you can read below in the team’s own words.

Milo Manderson

“An amazing start to our Super One campaign in Junior Max for Milo. We have had to move from our usual #77 to #82 which was Milo’s granddad’s racing number and it has brought us some luck! 

“Milo only went and put it on pole in timed qualifying! We did not quite have the pace in the heats or final to trouble the front two, but a 4th and a 3rd left us with P3 for the final. Milo’s side of the grid got away poorly and he dropped to 6th, only to fight back for P3.

“Milo drove his socks off and delivered some great results. One pole position, two third-place finishes, two seconds a DNF, Milo also drove from 16th to 6th in the Sunday final, leaving him P5 in the championship standings with not a mark on the bodywork all weekend! On to Rowrah at the end of the month for Rounds 3 and 4.”

Jensen Powers

“And so this weekend, the Super One circus commenced with the opening rounds at the most picturesque Glan-y-Gors Kart Circuit in North Wales.

“Friday was practice day, and we yielded little really with rain on an off throughout the day. Saturday was Round 1, which was a far better day weather-wise and performance-wise.

“A lottery draw gifted Jensen only 23rd place to start on the grid for qualifying, not the greatest start to the day. Jensen drove well in the qualifying session and gained a further five positions. So, starting now in 18th for Heat 1, it was all systems go. Turn 3 and 4 have been very much Jensen’s Achilles heel at all previous outings at Glan-y-Gors, but today was different. Micro-modulating his EBC Brakes, Jensen nailed several undertakes and at last finally was ‘giving as good as he had got’.

“Heat 2 saw much the same and as a result Jesnen gained 13th place on the grid for the final. A couple of places lost at the start but the with hard driving, JP picked off the drivers in front and crossed the line in 9th position. Alas though, a little over confidence attempting yet another undertake from just a wee bit too far back going into Turn 3 led to rubbing bumpers with a rival and afforded Jensen a five-place penalty.

“Sunday was another fine day weather-wise, and now 11th place in the new championship meant this would be Jens’ grid position for qualifying. Qualifying though not so fruitful as the previous days still awarded 15th place for the heats. A multi-kart battle in the first corner in Heat 1 pushed us down to 19th place, but again Turns 3 and 4 was the turn of choice to grab places back and Jensen finished in a well-deserved 12th.

“At this point, the weekend had been a bit of a cracker, but the proverbial kick in the wheel ‘nuts’ spoiled the party. An ill-fitting wheel ripped a stud from the front hub and a DNF was the reward for the ‘mighty minnows’ valiant efforts ALL weekend.”