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The rising motocross star uses D-Series discs and MXS pads on his 125cc KTM

Motocross racer, Phillip Tchorek, is currently competing in the 2024 Corsham SSC series.

Tchorek uses EBC Brakes’ D-Series discs and MXS pads on his 125cc KTM race bike.

The latest round took the roadshow to Bromsberrow MX Track, Forest of Dean, where Tchorek secured multiple race wins to claim an overall podium finish by the end of the weekend.

You can read how his weekend panned out in his team’s own words below.

“On Saturday and Sunday just gone, we ventured to a race with the Corsham Club at Bromsberrow. Saturday was a practice race and was Sunday the club championship race.”


“Race 1 – good start with a lead for a lap, then crashed, dropping down to 5th. Phillip managed to pull back to 3rd.

“Race 2 – technical problems with the bike, with the kick start not going back in, so Phillip basically raced with one leg on the peg, causing few crashes, finished 8th.

“Race 3 – we sorted the problem, had a good start and a led for a lap, lost it in Lap 3 and had no chance to take it back as the race been cut short, finished 2nd.”


“Race 1 – good start in comfortable 3rd, made a pass to 2nd in Lap 2, pushed to take a lead in Lap 4 and that’s where he finished, claiming 1st place and the fastest time in the group.

“Race 2 – not the best start, but moved quickly to sit in 2nd, made a move and took a lead in the 2nd lap and that’s where he finished – taking the win and fastest time in the group.

“Race 3 – felt good sat in 2nd after the start and unfortunately in the second lap, the head gasket went, with the bike losing power lap after lap. Managed to stay calm and passed the line finishing 12th – glad we didn’t have a DNF.

“Finished 2nd overall for the weekend.

“Lots of positives taken away from this event; the track was rough, deep and very technical so we are really happy with the results.”

Connect with Phillip Tchorek for more news and information:

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