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The race driver entrusts the endurance pad in his Honda-powered Subaru BRZ

Peter Granberg competes in the ClubTR (‘Club Track Rat’) category of motorsport events in the US-based Gridlife series, with his Honda K24-swapped Subaru BRZ. Entering this fiercely fought championship seemed like a good opportunity to test EBC Brakes Racing’s SR-21™ motorsport endurance braking compound, as he had battled some braking issues in the past.

Little did the EBC Brakes USA team know how hard this car actually was on brakes until we were able to witness it first-hand at Laguna Seca for the Gridlife 2023 season finale. All cooling was blocked off for the brakes as the excessive cooling was deemed the culprit for cracking rotors, but this meant caliper skin temperatures were hitting around 400°F!

For reference, a more suitable operating temperature for brake systems is nearly 25% cooler as even the caliper seals will start to degrade. This means the pads are also more than likely seeing some extreme conditions, which is perfect for putting SR-21™ to the test. Ultimately, Peter did a fantastic job and took home a 2nd-place finish in his class – just hundredths behind the leader.

Read his experience in his own words below:

“I’ve used a plethora of brake pads for track use over the years. Ranging from Hawk, PFC, G-LOC, and more. As my weekend enthusiast track car which was a stock BRZ, escalated into a competitive weapon over the years, which is now a K-swapped BRZ with aero and all the goodies, I needed brake pads that could give me the confidence to brake late and push the boundaries. I’ve been to a handful of tracks, Mid-Ohio, Laguna Seca, Road America, Gingerman Raceway, and more that have high demanding braking zones that test the pads from going over 125mph+ to as low as 50mph to make a tight turn. Those who have been to the above tracks know. I can confidently say, the SR-21™ brake pads have been by far the best brake pads I have ever used. The initial bite is greater than a Hawk, but with an even better modulation than a PFC for trail braking. I’m excited to continue to run these pads as the characteristics of the SR21 can’t be beat!”

Connect with Peter Granberg for more news and information:

SR-21™ Race and Endurance Pads

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