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Mark Dicken once again was near the front of the pack for the majority of the weekend

Following various podiums in the first half of the 2022 750MC Type R Trophy race series, competitor Mark Dicken had another successful leg at Derbyshire’s Donington Park Circuit recently.

Dicken switched from another brand to EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-1™ motorsport brake pads in the latter half of the 2021 season. Pleased with how the component performed in his race-prepared EP3 Honda Civic Type R, he is now running the RP-X™ pad for the duration of 2022, with EBC Brakes’ Yellowstuff pads taking pride of place on the rear axle.

You can read how Dicken’s weekend unfolded in his own words below.

“We tested the day before but only managed two sessions, as in session 3, we had a shock fail and snap down Craner Curves. This was the day over and the rest of the day and evening were spent stripping the shocks down. Once the parts, arrived new shock tubes were replaced and built-up. We also found out the other front shock was knackered also, with no damping left. A bigger issue was setting the ride height up with new shocks as they were sitting at a different height.”

Qualifying – 7th
“The first two to three laps were spent scrubbing fresh tyres in and seeing how the balance of the car felt. Although I knew the ride height was out, the car was actually feeling fairly good. My first flying lap was messed up at the chicane by a slower car taking my line and sending me off up the grass. After this, traffic was a nightmare with 30 of us sharing the circuit.”

Race one – 5th
“It was a typical hectic start and few laps off the start. Once settled, I was in 4th. The lead three cars had already made a break for it and I was leading the next three-car train, however I couldn’t get it turned into Old Hairpin and had to save a fairly big slide, putting me back down to 6th. I tagged back onto the back of them and spent about a lap or so diving for 5th, finally getting through on the brakes into the chicane – the EBC RP-X™ pads doing a mega job as usual. By this time, the 4th-position driver was three to four seconds up the road. With the car feeling good in the second half of the race, I put in some quick and consistent times and crossed the line under a second behind him, taking 5th.”

Race two – 6th
“Starting 6th for the second race, I got a really good start off the line and went between the two cars on row two. At the last minute, I got turned into a little and sandwiched in, but managed to get through and into 2nd place into turn one. It was clear after the contact the geo was out a little and I was struggling to turn into right handers. A bigger issue was both my wing mirrors had been folded in so being able to defend was going to be a no-go as I couldn’t judge where cars were when battling in the pack. I did manage to hold 2nd for a good two to three laps with a small gap to the rest of the grid. Knowing I couldn’t defend well with the mirror issue, as soon as I could I went for a dive on the leader going into Redgate, but he got the undercut back and then I was in the whole pack battling. A few moments going into Old Hairpin also didn’t help as I couldn’t get it turned in well enough which kept resulting in time scrubbing off. I managed to bring it home with a comfortable 6th though.”

“Overall, a mega weekend despite some issues on the Friday and chasing setup on race day, however the car’s feeling good again during the races. There was some mega racing through the whole field and watching back on the live stream, it’s generally a mega championship to watch with it constantly getting compared to touring cars which is mega.”

“A massive thanks to EBC Brakes – yet again a weekend where even though temperatures were high, we had no brake fade or overheating issues. Having RP-X™ across the front axle and Yellowstuff across the rear gives a mega balance and setup”

Thanks to Mark Jordan for the image.

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