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This article explores the fact that bigger tyres can affect braking distances

This is well-documented physics and a few links below underline that.

At EBC Brakes, we are very aware that altering rim size and tyre size that results in a larger “Tyre rolling radius” seriously affects braking power. In short, the relationship between tyre rolling radius and brake rotor size is critical.

Trucks are designed for standard operating conditions and going to oversize tyres changes everything.

Sure, the wheels rotate slightly slower but the “torque arm” created by the oversize tyres can be between 20 and 30% more, meaning, you have to either press the brake pedal that much harder or;

  1. Fit higher friction pads
  2. Go for heavy-duty calipers with less flex
  3. Even fit an oversize brake rotor kit.

Item 2 and 3 will cost between $500 and $2000 whereas a set of great pads such as the new EBC ED+ extra Duty pads come in below $200 for every truck out there and takes only minutes to safely install.

EBC has tested its new ED pads over a 200 stops test at a blistering 400C ( 750F ) which is about as hot as truck brakes can get and the brake effect (friction level) doesn’t move!

This article by the LA Times is worth a read;

Driving a Tacoma or Tundra?

Toyota Forum states this from a survey;

This gives EBC a big thumbs up even before ED+ came around. Here’s a link to read more about the new ED+ truck Jeep and SUV pads


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