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We’ve undertaken an epic project that will see us develop one of the most formidable Fiesta STs in the country

Now it’s reaching its final stages, we’ve decided to look back at how our ‘Ultimate Fiesta Build’ project has unfolded over the last few months by bringing you our build articles that were originally featured in Fast Ford magazine. This week, it’s Part 13, where we head back to our friends at Northampton Motorsport for the installation of a Caged Laser roll cage.

Remember: you can now sign up to WIN the car in a charity raffle competition, with all proceeds going to the Rays of Sunshine children’s charity. Click here to enter.

Ultimate Fiesta So Far

With our Mk7 ST ‘Ultimate Fiesta Build’ now becoming so impressive it’s able to topple fully-fledged supercars on track (click here for more details), this month we wanted to ensure that its safety aspects were equally-as-competent for the lucky person who eventually wins the car in our charity giveaway soon.

It’s why we decided to approach our friends at Caged Laser and snap up one of the firm’s 4-point bolt-in roll cages to help keep the internal cabin area as safe as possible in any situation.

Just like EBC Brakes, Somerset-based Caged Laser is one of those proudly British engineering firms that are all too uncommon nowadays. Supplying bespoke motorsport solutions for a huge range of applications, everything that Caged Laser does is proudly designed, built and finished in house.

The ‘cage we opted for is a ‘rear’ item that starts just behind the driver and passenger’s heads and works its way back into the boot area. Made out of sturdy PTG700 tubing, it’s handily supplied with weld-in mounting boxes which the ‘cage then conveniently bolts into.

To make sure the install was done correctly, we headed back over to our friends at Northampton Motorsport, where technician James got to work getting the shiny red unit in place.

The first job is fully removing the rear seats and carpet, before stripping all fixtures, fittings and adhesive from the white metal underneath. The curtain airbags above each door of the Fiesta also carefully needed removing, as well as some of the headlining to accommodate the satisfyingly snug fit of the ‘cage.

Once the mounting boxes were welded in, Caged Laser made the rest of the process hassle-free with its skillfully designed product that just required some bolting to ensure a secure fit inside the car.

Looking fantastic in its complimentary red hue, the interior was finally freshened up by re-adding some of the carpet and headlining to give it the ultimate ‘clubsport’ fast road/track look. We can now rest assured that the Fiesta is up for the job of keeping its passengers safe, regardless of what we throw at it. Oh, and the handling has probably been improved slightly, to boot. Winner!

As we arrived back at EBC HQ and just before going to press with this update, we received a package from our friends at Demon Tweeks – a set of 7.5×17” Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 alloys, finished in a stunning gloss black colour! These will eventually get a set of dedicated track day semi-slick tyres on them and act as a second set of wheels for the winner of the car. Stay tuned to see what the look like mounted in place…