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We’ve undertaken an epic project that will see us develop one of the most formidable Fiesta STs in the country

Now it’s reaching its final stages, we’ve decided to look back at how our ‘Ultimate Fiesta Build’ project has unfolded over the last few months by bringing you our build articles that were originally featured in Fast Ford magazine. This week, it’s Part 12, where we find ourselves over at Pandora Car Alarms getting one of their finest security systems installed.
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If you’ve read our last few entries in this series, you’ll know that up until recently we’ve focused almost exclusively on functional, performance-enhancing upgrades for our ‘Ultimate Fiesta Build’ project.

While there’s no doubting the fact these mods have transformed the Mk7 ST from standard road car to complete road and track weapon in a matter of months, we couldn’t help thinking it was probably about time we paid some attention to the way our hot hatch looked.

One of the most effective ways of single-handedly changing the appearance of your motor is with a full-body vinyl wrap, so we soon got to work putting some blueprints together for a bespoke livery design that would make the Fiesta a little more eye-catching while out and about.

Soon settling on a striking red-and-black design that sets off the EBC Brakes Racing brand colours perfectly, our next job was to work out who to entrust with applying the wrap to the car.

It didn’t take long for us to choose London-based Yiannimize for the job. You might know this much-loved outfit from the recent Dave TV show that revolved around the day-to-day running of the firm – renowned for supplying countless celebs with fully bespoke wrap solutions for their supercars and SUVs and meaning they would be more than qualified for working on our little car.

Ultimate Fiesta So Far

Following some pre-wrap discussions with the team to finalise colour choices, we left the keys with the talented wrappers at Yiannimize’s North London HQ while they worked their magic.

A week or so later, we were invited back to be presented with the finished product – a stunning wrap job that features three layers of vinyl (satin black, gloss black and gloss red) laid out in the exact style we’d mocked up on the small screen.

Safe to say the car looked infinitely cooler than it did when it drove in – now giving off the aesthetic of something between a top-end race car and a Hot Wheels toy. The attention to detail is incredible and there’s not a spec of the original Frozen White paintwork to be seen inside or out.

To set off the new look, we snapped up some Rota Recce alloys in gunmetal grey that act as the perfect addition to the new body art – the multi-spoke turbofan-inspired design complementing the darker body colours as well as perfectly framing our Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kit on the front axle.

Next up: a full motorsport geometry alignment before we once again take the Fezza out on track to see how all of the new mods translate behind the wheel. We can’t wait!