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Hooman Rahimi uses RP-1™ high-performance brake pads on his fearsome drift machine

Tennessee-based pro drifter, Hooman Rahimi, is once again competing in the PROSPEC category of the prestigious Formula Drift series in the USA.

Rahimi entrusts EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-1™ pads and GD rotors on his highly capable turbocharged LSX-powered Nissan 370Z.

Round one took the roadshow to Atlanta, where Rahimi’s teams experienced plenty of thrills and spills, but ultimately some good finishes at the end of the weekend.

Read how it all panned out in his team’s words below…

“What a weekend! We just got back from our first round of competition in Formula Drift and came out with some excitement and some results!

“Hooman finished up in Top 8 (tied for 5th place currently in points) while Allen [the team’s other driver] despite having his motor fail on the day of tech inspections, still managed to put some points on the board!

“Hooman had a little bit of a wild ride during practice. We started the day pumped and ready and everything seemed like it would be going smoothly… wrong!

“First lap out, the car overheated because BOTH fans failed, one brand new fan just completely had the blade come off and the other kept popping fuses. Well, fortunately for us, Allen’s car runs the same fans so we stole the fans off his car and got the car back on grid.”

“We got four total laps in practice and then went into battles, and they were not going to make it easy! First battle out we got our wheel knocked in and it broke our tie rod and rack. We change it overnight and got into more battles the next day.

“In our Top 32 battle, we had some rubbing but no major damage. In Top 16, we got into a little scuffle after the lead driver miss-shifted and we ended up colliding to bend ANOTHER tie rod and rack! Unfortunately, not enough time to swap the rack so we just sent it with a bent rack and new tie rod! We ended up getting knocked out in our Top 8 battle. Really good results for the 1st round placing us tied for 5th out of 48 drivers going into Round 2.

“We are ready for Jersey; Allen has plans for a new motor to get him through that round already in the works and we are just making the proper repairs and minor adjustments on Hooman’s car.”

Pics: Clutch Chick Media

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