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Stuart Egdell uses EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-X™ pads and GD discs on his 700bhp Nissan S14A

Running in the British Drift Championship for the 2023 season, Stuart Egdell has set his sights across the channel, on the incredibly popular French Drift Championship for 2024.

To prepare for the year, his trusty 2JZ-engined Nissan S14A Silvia was given more power and a whole new look over the winter months, allowing him to come out fighting in the first round recently.

As always, Egdell relies on EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-X™ pads and GD discs – products which have helped him achieve impressive results in recent years.

You can read how the first round went in his own words below…

“It’s been a hard last few months, with many late nights long days. During the off-season, we have upgraded engine components, giving the car over 700bhp at the wheels. We have also transformed the car’s looks with a full S14-to-S15 body kit, a new fuel cell to meet FIA regulations, a new fuelling setup, new cooling and much more.

“Last week, we took the car to Clot Kart in France for some pre-season testing and shakedown, it did really well with only a few minor issues to rectify before the first round of the French Drift championship, one noticeable thing is how quick the car now eats tyres!

“After this, we then were at Santa Pod doing a full day of passenger rides at an extremely busy and hot Japshow.

“It was then back to France for the French Drift Championship, and to see the car’s new paint for the first time!”

“The season opener for the French Drift Championship was a spectacle; massive crowds of cheering fans left no empty seats at a packed-out Val D’Argenton, a rammed grandstand resembling a football stadium cheering on their home team winning best describes the atmosphere I was welcomed with!

“I arrived early Saturday morning after leaving the UK at 3am, meeting the team at the track to what I can only describe as the best look the car has ever had. A little context on this – one week earlier, we had handed the car over to LM Autosport86 in France after a solid test day at Clot Kart, the car was only bare panels, Luke and his team had worked day and night prepping everything from full service, fresh EBC discs and pads, Alignment, some fabrication, paint and vinyl. When I first saw it, I was blown away by just how good she looked!

“After eventually picking my jaw up off the floor, I was straight out to learn the track and understand what the judges were looking for.

“I had a limited practice of one hour and then it was straight out for qualifying. Luckily, I had gelled with circuit quickly, relating it to another circuit I’d previously driven – there was only a few areas I needed to tidy up to get a reasonable score on the board.

“I was 3rd on the line for qualifying, so pressure was on for being one of the first drivers out. After a very good first run, I was sitting in 12th on the grid when everyone had finished Q1, coming back in to the paddock and seeing where I was in the standings I was over the moon with the result, knowing that I was in a good position for a spot in the main show.”

“Run 2 – there was nothing to lose, so a flat-out, full-commitment run given to try and better my position, unfortunately pushing a bit too hard on entry I ran wide on clips 2 to 3, giving me a slightly lower score, after the full qualifications results I finished off in 21st on the grid (not bad for the first time driving this course)

“Luckily, after qualifying had finished, we had been granted some free battle practice until the evening, during this I had some amazing practice with top drivers from the grid and gained the car’s first few battle scars 

“Sunday kicked off with practice during the afternoon and the then the Top 32 for the Pro class, this gave me a good bit of downtime to speak to fans, mingle with some of the other drivers and watch some of the spectacular driving in the Pro class and stunt bike displays as the Elite Top 32 didn’t start until 6pm. However, during the down time, the clouds rolled in bringing heavy rain thunder and lightning, turning the track into an ice rink. Luckily, the championship granted all the drivers a practice/sighting lap to feel out the new conditions before going into battles.

“After some small adjustments to the car and tyre pressures being dropped down, we lined up for our first battle with DLGB Round 1 winner, Jordan Lapelosa. By this time, the grandstands were overflowing with fans, all the surrounding fences were five-deep with spectators and the cheering was so loud I could hear it from the start line in the car!”

“I put in a solid chase run, following Jordan’s near-perfect lead, mirroring his line and keeping close proximity, pulling back round to the line for my lead filled with adrenaline and confidence from my chase I pushed really hard and tried to pull off the perfect 100-point qualifying lead.

“I think with the buzz of a good chase I knew Jordan would be hot on my tail so I knew I had to be fast and give it 110%, doing this and with a bit of damp still settled on the track, I pushed a little too wide on entry pushing me away from Clip 2 making my transition to Clip 3 with too much angle throwing me away from the correct line, giving Jordan the win.

“This unfortunately was all she wrote for me at Round 1, finishing in 24th place – again not bad for the first time driving this track with limited practice and changing conditions.

“The event overall was a great success getting to show off the brand-new car, meeting many new fans and being out there in front such a huge attendance, the crowds were outstanding, I don’t honestly think I’ve seen a drift competition with such a huge lively attendance!

“Until the next one…”

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