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The drifter uses EBC’s RP-X™ pads, GD discs and braided brake lines on his BMW

Pro drifter, Zack Parker, is currently competing in the 2024 Drift Pro championship. For this season, Parker has opted to upgrade the braking system on his 550bhp E36 BMW 3-Series, which now boasts EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-X™ brake pads, GD discs and braided brake lines all-round.

You can read how his first round of the year went at North Wales’ Anglesey Circuit, in his own words below…

“At the recent Drift Pro event at Anglesey, the drifting world witnessed the debut of the EBC Brakes Racing components on my 550bhp E36 BMW.

“The transition to EBC Brakes proved to be a game-changer for me. I experienced an immediate difference in performance compared to the previous setup. From the first touch of the pedal, there was a noticeable edge to the EBC discs and pads, providing unparalleled control and precision on the track.”

“I wasted no time in putting the new brakes to the test, bedding them in during practice in the morning session. With each lap, confidence grew as I felt the superior stopping power and stability provided by the EBC Brakes upgrades.  

“Despite fierce competition, I managed to obtain a well-deserved podium finish. It was a testament to the dedication and meticulous preparation of the team.

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RP-X™ Track/Race Pads

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GD Sport Discs

Drilled and grooved discs offering optimum heat dissipation and braking performance. Ideal for rigorous road driving and occasional track use.

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