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EBC Brakes’ Redstuff is a premium ceramic granule-enhanced brake pad, available now for all modern cars including hatchbacks/hot hatches, sedans, and muscle cars, and are now available for Trucks and SUV under the new 2022 ED plus brake pad range from EBC

Why Ceramic? Longer life, less noise, and less dust!

Environmental legislation compliance is job number one at EBC and EBC RedStuff has always been fully compliant with that aspect and includes no other hidden toxic ingredients such as lead, nickel, copper, or antimony sulfides and certainly no asbestos.

A true premium brake pad with the highest performance for fastest highway speeds, silent braking, and long life, EBC Redstuff pads are an Aramid fiber-based pad enhanced with the addition of Ceramic Granules ( not fibers ).

EBC Redstuff is probably the lowest dusting brake pad on the market but even the small amount of dust arising after miles of driving is simply removed during vehicle washing as the EBC restuff contains ZERO metallic or steel fibers common in 95% of all other brake pads and is, therefore, a true nonmetallic pad blend.

Metallic fibers or steel fibers are low-cost replacements for the manufacture of brake pads but can create hot sparks which can etch into your wheel alloys or lacquers.

EBC Redstuff Ceramic brake pads, therefore, reduce not only the dusting of wheels but are a state-of-the-art true performance pad that lasts as long or longer than typical OEM semi-metallic pads.

Redstuff Ceramic Available for all modern cars, if you drive an SUV or Light truck your pad choice would be the Aramid fiber EBC Greenstuff or the new Red coded ED Extra duty grade pads which also include ceramic particles which extend life in heavy-duty applications such as towing or higher loads and are the perfect choice for these applications.

If you wish to drive your car on a race track occasionally EBC Bluestuff would be your choice but all EBC pad grades can be selected here together with your matching rotors.

Bedding in your new EBC Redstuff Ceramic pads is simple as the pads are supplied with the unique EBC Brake-in™  friction surface coating which gently cleans up the surface of your rotors, new or used, removing glaze, rust, or deposits from previous pads over the first 40-50 miles of driving leaving your new pads seated and ready to use.

Typical bed in times to achieve full performance can be as much as 500 miles as the pads align perfectly to your new or used rotors. Drive thoughtfully during this bed-in period to get the best from your new pads and reduce localised glazing that can happen on slightly off flat used rotors which have not been skimmed and aligned to your car.