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And it can save you 10-15%

Here’s why

Benefit Number 1

First of all you should never use old or worn pads on a new rotor. That will cause localised hot spotting, major loss of brakes for the first 1000-1500 miles and may even cause complete brake failure as minimal contact area will lead to brake fade.

So you are going to have to buy new pads anyway…why not buy them as a matched brake KIT.

You CAN put new pads on a used rotors BUT bed in times will be longer unless you have the older/used rotors skimmed. For this we always recommend an on car brake lathe by Pro cut which now only smooth the brake surface to reduce bed in times , they realign and bring the braking surfaces back to parallel.

EBC uses a surface coating of their pads called Brake-In™ which greatly reduces bed in times.


Benefit Number 2

No manufacturer will warranty their pads with other rotors and the same for one brand of rotor with some other pad brand. So the logic of buying a matched pair that have been designed to work as a pair and are tested as a pair is pretty convincing.

Plus if something does go wrong with either the pad or the rotors, how do you know which part has caused the issue if you buy them separately.


Benefit Number 3

You save money on the buying price and in most cases also on the shipping as you get one box not two. Pads usually come in at about 4-5lbs where rotors weight up to 5 times that amount so adding your pads into the rotor shipment which usually mean you pay little or nothing extra for the pads to jockey along with those heavier rotors.

EBC build several thousand pad and rotor kits just for this reason and sell most of their products in KIT form for this exact reason.

You can mix and match your kit from 4 rotor styles and 6 pad choices from EBC, all guaranteed to match , fit and work perfectly as a kit.

Click here to choose your ideal pads and rotors then ask for the appropriate kit from one of our re sellers